11 Awesome gifts for 15 year old boys

This article is all about the Best Gifts for 15 year old boys. Trying to shop for a teenage son can be extremely hard. 

So, I put together a wishlist that will have any teenage boy running to show off his new present to his friends. Surely that is what we all wanted to do as kids. 


These gifts are especially for 15 year old boys but can work well with a wide range of teenagers between 13-17. 

So let’s start with what all teenagers love!



VR Headset- Oculus Quest 2

Every teenager nowadays loves playing video games. New advancements in technologies have been developed for a realistic gaming experience

The Oculus Quest 2 is a VR Headset for Personal Computers (PC). VR means “Virtual Reality,” which makes you more immersed in the game. 


This is an excellent gift for fifteen-year-old boys, especially if they are a PC gamer

They would really like this gift as it’s a new way to play their favorite games. This gadget is a head-mounted device that has a screen and game controls that can be used wirelessly. 


A fast processor and high-resolution screen provide the best gaming experience. 

The VR Headset is also backward compatible, meaning they can play this with their old games. It can also be connected with a Facebook account so that they could play with their friends easily. 


An easy setup provides convenience to the user that you will be giving this to. They have to open the box, connect it via the smartphone app, then just jump into the world of Virtual Reality

If you’re deciding to give this as a gift for a fifteen-year-old, especially if they are into gaming, this VR headset is an excellent idea that they will surely love.



Nintendo Switch


Gaming consoles are a hit with teenage boys. 

The new Nintendo Switch can be transformed from a home console to a portable gaming system quickly and easily. 


This gaming console has a dock that lets you play on your home television. Lift the Nintendo Switch from the Dock, and you can play your games anywhere. 

Nintendo is a famous brand that any young boy can quickly identify. It’s a brand that offers portable and home gaming systems since the 1970s. It is an excellent gift for any fifteen-year-old boy. 


Nintendo has released over 3,000 games for the Switch.

The gaming console has three play styles, Tabletop, TV, and Handheld mode. It can also connect through Wi-Fi networks for multiplayer gaming. The game console can be played portably for up to 9 hours, depending on the usage.


The detachable Joy-Con allows for a variety of ways to play the Nintendo Switch. 

This is a great game console to give as a gift for fifteen-year-old boys as it offers a big game library while having the versatility of playing it, whether he’s outdoors or just chilling inside his home.


Gaming Controller- ESM 9110 2.4 G Wireless Controller


ESM 9101 2.4G Wireless Game Controller for PC/PS3/Android/TV Box Regular price


This game controller is an excellent gift for a teenage boy who loves gaming, whether it’s on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or on his phone. 

This can wirelessly control consoles or personal computers for up to 10 Meters. Long battery life for up to 8 hours ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions. 


A type-c interface offers fast charging and lag-free connection when playing. Gaming requires controllers to be lag-free as just a hair of delay makes you lose the game.

This can also be played while charging through the console or PC’s USB port, so this can be used even if it has a low battery.


A laser engraves mold texture, and ergonomically design handles provide comfortable use even in long gaming sessions. Vibration feedback provides subtle feedback and enhances the game experience. 

This is a great gift when you know he loves gaming across multiple platforms.



Fortnite Hoodie 


Fortnite is a viral game right now. 

Almost every teenage boy knows and plays the game “Fortnite.” This is an excellent gift as they can be a fan of this game. The hoodie is officially licensed by Fortnite, so be assured that this merchandise is legit and authentic. 

Featuring the “Fortnite” logo, this is an excellent gift for those who are a fan for this game. 


The hoodie is made with high-quality materials with 80% cotton and 20% polyester. 


A classic hoodie style provides a cool look in the Fortnite theme. 

The black Fortnite hoodie has a hood, front pouch, and a drawstring neck. This has a sizing, which is specific for 14-15 years old, so you can be assured that this will adequately fit him. 

The hoodie is a perfect addition to any fan’s wardrobe. He can show everyone that he is a fan of this great game. If you know that he’s playing Fortnite, 


this is a great gift that he’ll surely wear and appreciate.



Gaming Chair- GT RACING ACE – M1 – Black


ace m1 black

This is a comfortable premium gaming chair that’s great for any teenage boy’s gaming setup.

This would complement their rooms and desktop pc setups because it has a great design and great accents. 

The carbon fiber design makes this chair unique and eye-catching in any boy’s room. The cold-cured foam makes this gaming chair comfortable in long gaming sessions. It is also made with high-quality materials for long service life.


Using this gaming chair provides comfort for everyday usage. The leather covering is smooth to the touch and won’t fade quickly.

He will not experience fatigue while playing for a long time as the chair’s entire design adapts to perfectly support and fit the spine. 


The high-density foam prevents deformation even when this chair is used every day for long periods.

If you’re looking for a practical and attractive gift for a fifteen-year-old, then this is a great choice.



Apple iPhone XR


A smartphone is an excellent gift for anyone. The Apple iPhone XR is a good option if your planning for a unique gift for a fifteen-year-old. 

The iPhone XR has a new liquid Retina Display advertised as the most advanced LCD in the market. The camera system in this smartphone is one of the best.

It’s perfect if he is interested in photography as the phone’s camera can shoot professional pictures. 


A durable front glass cover provides reliability and assurance that this will not easily break. It’s also water and dust resistant so he can take this anywhere without risking damage to the phone.

This iPhone also includes a wireless charging feature for easy charging.


Out of the Apple smartphone line, this is one of the affordable and yet powerful choices. An iPhone is a great gift that will surely make him happy as boys of age desire to get this kind of gift.



Racing Wheel Logitech- G920 Dual-Motor Feedback

This Racing Wheel is compatible with the PC. 

This is a great gift for a teenage boy who loves Racing Simulators. The feedback of this steering wheel is precise and accurate. He can feel like driving a real racing vehicle using the steering wheel and foot pedals. 

The G920 is engineered to provide realistic force feedback so that the user can feel the tires on every turn and feel the terrain they’re driving on. 

It’s made with solid steel bearings in the wheel shaft for durability. Xbox OneThe steering wheel is covered with high-quality, hand-stitched leather similar to sports cars.

Built-in clamps and bolt points allow the steering wheel to be mounted securely on a table on racing rigs. 


Those who are a fan of Racing Games will surely like this as a gift. It is the nearest thing that you can get to driving a real race car in a car racing simulator.



Gaming Keyboard- CK62 Compact Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys

CK62 Compact Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys

A gaming keyboard can be useful in any setup. Be it in working or gaming, it can provide practicality and usefulness. It’s an excellent gift for a fifteen-year-old boy to use it in school and for their gaming. 

This mechanical keyboard helps in typing faster and more accurate. He can write his documents quickly and can also prevent errors. The keyboard is designed in an ultra-light, compact form that’s suited for most desktop pc setups. 


All of the switches used in this mechanical keyboard are high-quality and are tested for 50 million keystrokes. You can be assured that they can use this for a very long time. 

It is also wireless and comes with a 1300 mh battery. The mechanical keys also light up with 19 backlight effects. 


Teenage boys with computers will surely love this as a gift as mechanical keyboards are better than traditional keyboards.



Laptop- ASUS VivoBook 15.6 FHD Thin



A laptop can be used in many ways. It can be used for school, work, or for gaming. 

The ASUS VivoBook is a great gift, especially for teenage boys. This Laptop is the newest Vivobook 15 version to come out of their line-up. 

The Laptop comes with a large 15.6-inch wide display with Nano-edge bezels for an immersive experience. These have a great CPU spec, an AMD Ryzen 3 Processor often used for gaming laptops. 


The Hard drive in this Laptop is also upgraded to a fast 256 GB SSD. This has Windows 10 Home as it’s the operating system. This Laptop is excellent for school works and light gaming that offers a premium design and immersive experience.



Stereo Headset- K8 Stereo Gaming Headset


K8 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC

With superior 50 mm audio drivers, this delivers exceptional sound quality in gaming and listening to music.

 It’s a great gift for teenage boys if they are a gamer or are interested in listening to music. The stereo headset features surround sound for an immersive gaming experience. 

They can also use this when watching movies as these deliver excellent sound quality. The high responsive audio drivers can tell the user where the sound is coming from.


The stereo headset is also designed ergonomically to increase comfort during long gaming sessions. 

The lightweight material also helps in reducing discomfort when wearing this for a long time. Soft ear cups with bionic protein cushions provide great sound isolation and ear comfort. 


He can use this on a wide range of platforms such as PlayStations, PS Vita, Xbox One, PCs, or his smartphone.



Gaming Mouse- V50 RGB LED Gaming Mouse

gt racing gaming mouse

An attractive and high-quality gaming mouse can be an excellent gift for a teenage boy PC gamer. 

This gaming mouse has an impressive DPI setting of up to 7000. DPI, meaning dots per inch, is a standard to measure mouse sensitivity. 


He can change the mouse sensitivity with 5 different DPI settings. 

This is a great option when you want customizability to play PC games. The RGB lighting is included in this gaming mouse to give it a unique appearance. This gaming mouse is made of high-quality material and is offered a 12-month warranty for long-lasting usage.


I hope this list was helpful in finding the best gifts for 15 year old boys. For more great lists like this check out our review of  the top gaming gear & accessories of 2020. 


The links in this blog are affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. 


Thank you for reading!

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