15 Best Man Cave Gifts For PC Gamer Husbands
By: gamingearz
Male gamer playing video games competition online

Gaming Chair


A gaming chair is one of the main highlights in a Man Cave, especially if you are a gamer.

Gaming chairs that have cool-looking designs make the place a proper man cave. The GT Racing Ace M1 has an inspired gaming design with an ergonomic structure.

Not only does the chair make a Man Cave look good but also be comfortable as well. The covering of this gaming chair comes with PU Leather that gives it a premium look. This Leather is durable, water-resistant, breathable, and easy to clean.

These features are great for your man cave as you don’t have to worry about maintaining your chair every time you use it. Ergonomic design provides support that adapts to your spine, which makes long gaming sessions comfortable.

The cold-cured high-density foam used in this gaming chair does not deform, so expect this chair to provide comfort for a long time. If you want your lumbar and neck to have additional support, there are two removable cushions on the GT Racing Gaming chair. A stable and corrosion-resistant aluminum base with durable casters offers stability during your gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs are also great for Man Cave gifts because of its practical usage.

This gaming chair is an excellent addition for your Man Cave as it offers exceptional design, comfort, and durability that will last you for a long time.


gaming desk setup

Gaming Desk

If you’re looking for a versatile and attractive gaming desk for your Man Cave, the EUREKA Z1-S gaming desk is an excellent choice. Accentuate your Man Cave with the sleek carbon fiber texture design of this table.

It also provides plenty of space for your gaming equipment, such as your keyboard, monitors, mouse, and headset. The gaming table supports monitors up to 40 inches. RGB lighting is a significant trend in gaming setups.

The EUREKA Z1-S gaming desk has RGB LED lighting, which plugs into a USB port. A single and multiple color lighting option is available for the LED lights. Go for the Single-Color option if you are eyeing for a simple color theme for your Man Cave.

Gaming gear can be quite expensive, and sometimes they are hard to replace because some equipment came in limited production. You don’t have to worry about this table breaking while holding your gaming gear as it features a Rock-Solid Z-shape design. It looks cool while also supporting your equipment correctly. You also don’t have to worry about this table wobbling as four leveling feet assures stability.

Ergonomic features such as cup holders, controller stand, headphone hook, and game storage make this an efficient and practical table for your Man Cave. A large mousepad for your keyboard and mouse is also included for accurate gaming performance, while also serving as surface protection for this great gaming table. Man Cave gifts don’t have to be boring with this gaming table from EUREKA.


Reclining Chair  


Reclining chairs are great for any gaming or theater setups. The Homall Gaming Recliner chair is a premium and stylish furniture piece that’s great for any Man Cave. The covering for this Reclining chair is a PU leather type material. PU leather type material is known to be easy to clean. Be assured that this is low maintenance furniture. High-density foam is used for resisting deformation and also for comfort.

The Homall Gaming Chair can recline up to 180 degrees. The footrest also adjusts to the position that you prefer. It can be used for gaming and even if you want to chill and watch movies. You can also use it for napping if you like as it has a reclining feature. If you’re looking for a chair that can complement that specific color that you want in your Man Cave, the chair is available with three different colors. It’s available in black with a choice of red, blue or, white accents.

Usually, the gaming chairs in the market right now have little padding and cushion. Often, they are like racing car seat styles that come with a slim width. The Homall Gaming Reclining chair differs from the usual by offering a wide seat, bigger dimensions, and a soft cushion perfect for long gaming periods.


gaming pc setup

Gaming PC


Skytech Gaming is a famous brand that is synonymous with computer quality. Every component added into their PC offerings features compatibility, budget, performance, and great aesthetics. The SkyTech Archangel Gaming PC is made specifically for gaming.

In every Man Cave, a Gaming Desktop PC is not uncommon to see. It is a staple addition for every gaming-inspired setup. This PC has excellent performance and design. Be immersed with a powerful Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, which does best for high-resolution gaming. Paired with an 8 GB 1866 Mhz memory, you can do multitasking and experience lag-less gaming experience. A large capacity one terabyte hard drive includes in this Gaming PC.

A 1-year warranty ensures that this PC can work for along time. Vibrant RGB lighting is included with different color schemes to compliment the room. Skytech Archangel is an excellent pre-built PC perfect for those who don’t want the technical aspects in building a Gaming PC or just want to give this as a Man Cave gift for someone.


smart lights

Smart Light


Lighting can make a difference in the overall look of any room. It affects the mood, ambiance, and total feel of the place. Good lighting for a Man Cave creates a great atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment. If you’re looking for simple but unique Man Cave gifts, this product is the right choice.

The Philips Hue Play Black & Color Smart Light is a voice-activated light bar that offers up to 16 million colors. You can control the light bar via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. The Light Bar design is aesthetically pleasing and will complement any room. You can place this on cabinets, behind TVs, or on the floor to create a relaxed ambiance. Placing this behind your TV can create a beautiful backlight while also enhancing the viewing experience.

Choose between cool daylight to warm lighting to suit your preferred ambiance. Do note that Philips Hue Hub is required to control the lights of this light bar. You can create timers and schedules for the lighting if you want the lights to turn off or on depending on your mood automatically.

htc vive

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

A great addition to any men’s gaming room is a Virtual Reality System.

It is an immersive experience that you will surely love. Play your games in a new and exciting way. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is a wireless head-mounted device with an LCD screen with controllers included.

Offering a high-resolution LCD panel with the pixels close together minimizes the screen-door effect common with virtual reality gaming systems. The screen-door effect is when you see a “mesh-like” appearance wherein the black spaces between the pixels are evident when using the VR system.

Close pixels of the LCD screen solves this problem, which the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite provides. The SteamVR tracking sensor feature and advanced controllers make your movements precise and accurate.

It is made with a flip-up design so you can easily switch between reality and virtual reality. The VR set comes with Viveport Infinity for unlimited access to hundreds of VR games, videos, and apps readily available at your fingertips.

firestick from amazon

Fire TV Stick 4K

Amp up your TV streaming with the Fire TV stick that can display up to 4K resolution. You plug this device into your TV, plug it into a wall socket, then be ready to be entertained by a vast selection of internet videos, movies, and TV shows.

Watch from your favorite video websites and streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Prime Video, HBO, and so much more. You can control the Fire TV stick with the Alexa Voice Remote. Watch with a clear, brilliant picture with access to 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+. Compared to other competing media tv sticks, this has an extensive media storage. Pair the Fire TV stick with Amazon’s Alexa voice control for a more comprehensive voice-activated experience.

You can also use this to stream millions of songs through a wide variety of music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. The Fire TV stick is an excellent addition to your Man Cave TV setup, offering a large selection of movies, videos, TV shows, and music.


billiards table

Billiard Table 

Billiards is an excellent addition for a Man Cave, especially if you want to play with your mates. This Billiard table has a classic traditional Parlor Style design that can also enhance the overall look of a Man Cave.

This billiard table’s ball and claw leg design have beautiful molded covers with an elegant carved design. It is excellent if you want a sleek look for a Man Cave. It has a 23 piece set that includes the Barrington Billiard table, two cue sticks, one triangle rack, two chalk cubes, one felt brush, 15 numbered billiard balls and one cue ball. The exquisite styling and detail of this billiard table complement any Man Cave. It is also durable with a metal frame support for stability.

The Billiard table board made with professional-grade wool-blend green felt, ensures great billiard playing experience. Classic drop pockets offer convenience when you retrieve the billiard balls. The Barrington Billiard table provides a fun leisure game that’s a perfect addition for any guy’s room.

playstation vr bundle


PlayStation VR Bundle 

PlayStation VR Bundle is an excellent gift for men who has a PlayStation 4 and is looking for a new and exciting way to play their games.

The bundle includes A PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, Demo Disc, Vouchers for ASTRO: Bot Rescue Mission, Everybody’s Golf VR, PlayStation VR worlds, Skyrim VR, and Resident Evil 7. These are epic games, that is a fun way to experience Virtual Reality Gaming. This VR bundle and Game pack are excellent choices for Man Cave gifts.

Experience new worlds with the comforts inside your gaming room. The included games in this bundle provide long play hours and immersive experience to delight every guy gamer.

CyberShoes Gaming Station

Feel like inside the game with the CyberShoes Gaming Station. You can walk and run through the game with this VR gaming system. Connect this to your PC to experience VR for your favorite games. The Gaming Station comes with Cybershoes, Cyberchair, and Cybercarpet.

The Cybershoes can be used in any VR game and can function with the HTC Vive, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, and Pimax. Control the VR game with your physical movement. You can walk or run through dungeons, castles, battlefields, deserts, swamps, and so much more.

Not only do you experience a new way of playing games, but also be fit as well. Playing games that makes you run or walk burns calories, making you fit. Exercise while playing your favorite games with this Gaming Station. The CyberShoes Gaming Station is an excellent addition for any space inside a guy’s dream Man Cave.

kitchen knife set

Kitchen Knife Set


Are you looking for Unique Man Cave Gifts? The Emojoy Knife Set sets it apart from this list as a unique choice for any guy who loves to collect knives. They can also use this when they love to cook. Prepare ingredients easily with this sharp Knife set.

Emojoy Knife Set features High-Carbon steel for a razor-sharp cutting edge and long-lasting sharpness. A knife bolster makes this Knife durable and counter-balances the weight applied when cutting. Multiple types of kitchen knives are included in this set to provide a variety of uses.

The Knives are in a dark brown wooden block that’s beautiful to look at on any countertop. Man cave gifts can be unique, interesting, and special like this 18-Piece Knife set from Emojoy.

netflix on the firestick

Smart TV


Man Caves wouldn’t be complete without a big screen TV. The Samsung 75 -inch TU-8000 Smart TV has a vibrant and stunning 4K UHD screen that is sure to be a treat for your eyes. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows with 4K resolution powered by an ultra-fast processor.

Make Man Caves look modern and classy with a sleek and minimalistic design that this TV offers. Experience a broad spectrum of colors with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature. You can see great visual detail even in dark scenes. This TV matches your gaming experience with an Auto Game Mode feature that optimizes the screen to reduce lag offering a smooth gaming experience. The OneRemote included with this sleek and stylish TV detects all compatible connected devices for your convenience.

The Samsung TV TU – 8000 with a big 75-inch screen is an excellent option if you are looking for a stylish TV that provides a great viewing experience whether you’re gaming or watching inside your Man Cave. This product is also a great gift if you are looking for good Man Cave gifts as every guy would love a big screen TV in any room.





Essential pieces of furniture in a Man Cave are sofas.

Usually, Man Caves are a place for relaxation and to gather friends for enjoyment. This Queen size Phoenix frame with 7-inch Mattress functions both as a sofa and bed. It is an excellent choice if you want your friends to sit comfortably while also having a bed inside your Man Cave. The Futon Mattress is of the finest quality with plush cotton for superior comfort. A tufted upholstery-grade fabric makes your sofa bed aesthetically pleasing, requiring no covers.

An elegant and classic java dark brown frame adds excellent style for Man Caves. Complete your Man Cave color scheme with the different mattress colors available such as Black, Navy, Peat, and Dark Brown.

wine monogram presentation set

Classic Monogram Presentation Set 

Decanter trays can be good Man Cave gifts as these are practical and decorative items. Use these beautiful glasses for guests inside a Man Cave. A clean-cut natural birch base finished in dark walnut stains completes this presentation tray’s overall stylish look.

Serve friends in style with the classic Buckman style engraved glasses. It can hold up to 10.25 ounces and measures 3.5 inches tall. You can use the engraved glasses and presentation tray for serving liquor or use it as a glassware display that will look fine in any Man Cave.

amazon echo

Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

Excellent speakers are essential in any Man Cave setup.

The Amazon Echo is a brand new revision of its Echo speaker lineup. It is shaped in a sleek and stylish sphere, making it an eye-catching piece in a Man Cave. Control this smart speaker with Amazon’s Alexa for an easy speaker interface. Delivering crisp vocals and balanced bass, enjoy great sound with your games and music.

You can use your voice to play a specific song, genre, or artist with Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. You can create personalized ambient music inside your Man Cave with this smart speaker from Amazon.

Man Caves are a unique way of men representing themselves, so products that can customize a room’s ambiance is a must. Make life simple inside your Man Cave with your voice to set timers, ask questions, create calendar events, and check traffic and weather.